Women in cryptocurrencies are massively under-represented, yet, we’re building the future. Several women movers and shakers in the crypto space are already showing why the future of crypto is squarely on us, women.

Look at the crème in cryptocurrencies; Joyce Kim advises several governments andeven the UN on matters crypto while Perriane Boring is among the top personalities in Blockchain today. The beautiful Jinglan Wang holds NASDAQ together, and Melten Demirors is excelling in the Digital Currency Group too.

We can’t even mention Amber Baldet – the brain behind JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence or Raine Revere, the sassy Blockchain engineer.

It’s crystal clear.

What’s stopping us from trading in crypto is our women trading mindset that we’ve been made to believe that it isn’t for us.

But Fear Not – Our Numbers Are Rising!

Cryptocurrency is no longer a boys’ club, going by the latest figures in the industry. Women’s interest in crypto trading has more than doubled over the past year.

Perhaps the greatest sign yet that time’s ripe for all of us, lovely ladies, to take over crypto.

We now comprise about 19% of the entire online cryptocurrency trading community, and we’re going strong!

You look at the number of those who graced the world’s largest blockchain conference in 2018; the Consensus 2018, and marvel at how buzzing it is.

The gospel of women in crypto has become so compelling that the pervasive slogan, “Satoshi is female” is getting real.

We also have lots of powerful movements emancipating women crypto enthusiasts. Led by Women in Blockchain Global, a movement is where female industry professionals. Where budding avid women blockchain enthusiasts connect and membership is growing daily.

Nowhere is the energy fizzing more than on social media. Trawl around Facebook, and the number of women driving discussions and motivating each other on the best way to invest in it will blow you away.

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Millions of women are super-excited about it on the various groups where they share industry insights and hold each other’s hand.

And it’s not on Facebook and Twitter alone where the real energy is felt. Crypto Moms’ is a vibrant online forum where women in crypto are changing the perception regarding women vs. men on bitcoin. Created by Marilyn DeLucenay, the group is now over four years old, but boasts over 50,000 members.

Women do not outnumber men cryptocurrency investors, but certainly, we’ll do better

But do not let anyone intimidate you with complex terms or how competitive crypto is. Traditionally, women are known to fare well in terms of their investment decisions.

Up to 75% of purchasing decisions are made by women, meaning we walk the talk!

In fact, data paints a picture that reflects why women’s crypto-intuition, especially when predicting markets and making the right decisions, is better than men. Yes, we are a bit more bullish and can be a success in the long run.

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So, have you joined any forum of crypto enthusiasts yet?

If you haven’t then the time is now. In fact, you need to read the compelling story of Meredith Davis if you can’t amass the courage to invest in crypto. Meredith, a former Marine and government employee, ditched her conventional 9-5 job and chose to pursue crypto full-time. Of course, it wasn’t easy for her considering that she was pregnant.

However, the many crypto meetings and meet-ups she attended helped her a great deal. Today, Meredith is a perfect testament to how suitable cryptocurrencies are for stay-at-home moms, pretty much as it is for the accomplished ones.

Why join crypto – the current female adoption is low

We are over 2.7 million in crypto right now, and out of this number, a vast majority are willing to hold your hand.

And we are ready to teach every ardent crypto enthusiast all the ins and outs of the industry without the bigoted, sexist crypto comments or exposure to any stupid stereotype.

There are lots of hackathons, meetups, summits, and conferences happening all around, including those taking place online!

You have lots of reasons to be part of the women in the crypto community. One, women trading in Bitcoin comprise a mere 10% of all traders. And you will not be restricted to BTC alone since, as shown by the data, women prefer diversity in their investment decisions. There are a lot of Altcoins, including DASH and Ripple where we currently stand at 18%.

Also, the barrier of entry is incredibly low. It’s not a must that you grasp all the technical jargon. Better yet, you have a perfect opportunity to start trading in crypto since the industry is still young with lots of investment opportunities up for grabs.

So, if you haven’t, then you are definitely missing out on some precious information. Some of the news worth starting with is a 7-day crypto email series which you can subscribe to and get a first-hand account of how to trade.

But there’s something you should be aware of

Before you hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and start receiving informative content, curated especially for you, there are some points worth noting:

First, understand the risks and potential rewards before committing your investment to it. Whether you are buying tokens from an ICO or you’ve chosen to be a miner, study the risks that you will be exposed to. Remember, the cryptocurrency platform is unregulated, and even a small move can be costly.

Second, don’t be silly with your first investment; trade with utmost care, especially if you’ve never done it before.

you can keep your portfolio at between 5% and 10% for a start. You can be safer if you diversify your portfolio.

Be choosy, but don’t be a lazy ass girl. Being choosy will help you pick the next significant token that will double or even triple your income. However, if you lazy around and invest in shady projects without due diligence, your funds will most definitely go up in smoke.

I would advise that you work under the tutelage of a seasoned crypto investor or financial advisor first.

Finally, your expertise in the technical analysis should be impressive. What this means is that your understanding of the psychology of the crypto market should be above par. Know when to buy and when to sell.

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