Before, stock trading was the exclusive domain of men. But now, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t try their hand and succeed at trading the stock market. In fact, here are 5 reasons why women make better traders than men.

Despite what people think, female traders have greater potential to become better than men. It isn’t boasting, it is just that we possess inherent characteristics that suits the nature of trading.

Here are just a few solid evidences on why female traders prove to be the stronger performers in the financial markets.

Women Are Better Students

I wasn’t great at school. I loved learning, but only when it interested me. And as such, got bored a lot. Yet, this isn’t typically true of women. Girls regularly achieve higher grades than their male counterparts in school. So why hasn’t this translated into jobs in financial markets?

Sang Lucci is a shining example on women in the financial industry. Lucci, a respected figure in education and stock trading, states that there’s a growing number of women participating in investment platforms each year. They’re well-equipped to handle financial trading aspects because they’re generally more eager, more persistent and more attentive than their male counterparts.

Women are more eager, more persistent and more attentive than male counterparts.

Maribeth Willoughby, top trader at the Bulls On Wall Street is a famous figure who learned from Kunal Desai. As a student, Maribeth was very quick to learn the nuances of what traders should and shouldn’t do in various stock trading situations. Over time, the student rapidly overtook her teacher and can be seen working alongside him on his daily trading operations.

Women Are Less Risk-Seeking

The common myth is that trading is mostly fuelled by testosterone unfortunately proves true. Studies have proven that men tend to take more risks, which can be fatal when applied to gambling and trading on the stock market. Moreover, men have the bad habit of holding on to bad trades and move in and out more often than what’s necessary largely driven by ego.

On the other hand, female traders are better suited at making the most profit as they are less likely to take risks. The study, published by the Barclays Wealth & Ledbury Research, explains that the reason for the risk-averse behaviour is the fact that women aren’t excessively confident like men are.

Translated to simple language, women are free of ego barriers and mental blocks, and are more accepting of their mistakes. If men are happy with making the same mistake over and over (for ego, because of habit or any other reason), women are content to learn once from that mistake and do better the next time around.

This makes women better traders as they don’t chase losses, aren’t reckless and can live with losing a percentage rather than risking a win-or-lose-it-all action.

Women Are Great Multi-Taskers

We do this everyday. We watch our latest show on Netflix, Whatsapp and Instagram with our girls and seemingly have a fully attentive conversation with someone in the same room…

Women are a joy to behold when they sit down and start trading. You can watch them as they read charts, make numerous trade actions, check frames and monitor financials all at once without breaking a sweat.

Women Are Serious About Succeeding

Those of us who enter the stock market industry are in it to win it and not just for the fun of it. We cover a lot about mindset, and once we’re locked in as a fierce woman, we’re 100% in. Focused and committed on what we want to achieve.

Men usually approach these endeavours with a certain “I’m not sure, but I’ll try…” attitude and sometimes even with a lackadaisical approach.

Women are consistent about their actions in that we give it our all when starting any kind of business.

A Close Look at Metrics

Why are women in trading a force to be reckoned with?

Research made by Financial Skills tell a compelling story.

The firm runs a real-time stock simulation program. In 2014, the platform saw around 324 interns signing up for an account on the system. Throughout a certain period of time, the actions done by these juniors were noted. Financial Skills found that men traders had lost more money than their women counterparts. Moreover, males were prone to going overboard trading limits.

Shining Examples of Female Investors

A handful of the top traders are women, including Moore Capital’s Angelie Moledina and Leda Braga, a former BlueCrest employee.

Ingeborg Mootz decided to try her hand at trading two decades ago with nothing but a small amount of capital and some free time. Today, she has earned more than 500,000 euros as a woman trader and in her twilight years, earning respect within the stock market industry.

SG Budget Babe Dawn is a 27-yr old finance blogger who has used trading to exceed financial goals and meet the steep cost of living in Singapore. She explains that women make better traders as they’re more detail-oriented by nature and are more sceptical than men. These attributes work well in their favour when deciding to take actions and trading stocks. Moreover, the blogger explains that she tends to take a lower gamble and know when to retreat and regroup.

Trading is like raising children – it shouldn’t be on impulse, and the strategy should always be for the long term.

Binni Ong is a stock trader guru who manages Chief Strategies of TerraSeeds Market Technician Ltd. The secret to successful trading? Binni states that she likes to take it slow unlike her testosterone-charged colleagues. Though her profits are smaller, the portfolio has always been in a comfortable position as her experience grew. Binni shares that her approach to trading is like raising children – it shouldn’t be on impulse, and the strategy should always be for the long term.

Takeaway Trading Habits You Can Adapt From These Female Traders

Successful female traders have the following characteristics that make them better than male traders:

  • Detail-Oriented. Stick to the facts and the details at all times. Traders should not be impulsive especially when they’re working. Before going with a trade, always check and see how the decision could affect your overall investment.
  • Take Lower Risks. Stock trading is best when you think of it as a long game. Small steps will ease you in and make you more comfortable. Focus on experience rather than winning it big. It’s okay if you lose because it’s inevitable, but recouping should be the main drive. This will improve your decision-making process and make you less likely to commit errors in the future.
  • Have A Life Outside Trading. It’s easy to get sucked in at the lucrative world of trading, but if you go this route you’ll soon be stressed out, frazzled and burned out. Have a life outside filled with physical activity and time with your family and you’ll be more refreshed for it.

While there’s no biological explanation as to why women traders make better traders, it’s easy to see why male traders are primed to lose more money as they’re often more emotional and tend to risk bigger amounts.

Don’t let ego cloud your thinking as you enter the world of stock trading. Be disciplined and stick to the plan – soon you’ll succeed!


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