Sexism is in blockchain. Sexism is in Crypto. But… Ladies, have you checked out the latest, most exciting movement in town yet?

Yes, ‘Women in Blockchain’ is here.

Meaning we aren’t going to tolerate all the hate and prejudice from the so-called elitist ‘Blockchain Bros’ group. I don’t know about you, but as for me, such great news demands a little jig with other beautiful ‘crypto girls‘ eyeing the vibrant crypto industry!

Maybe all the sexism in crypto had blocked your eyes from seeing the other awesome side of the world. And… somehow you missed the first cryptocurrency bandwagon. But you aren’t that late sweetheart!

But first, do you know what Blockchain is and what principles is it founded on?

Women in Blockchain’ is just one of the several organisations whose basis is to empower women interested in crypto and Blockchain. It’s also our potent tool against blatant sexism against women in cryptocurrency. And we are calling upon you and every beautiful lady out there to come we fight together.

To wage this war and win it, however, you’ve got to get acquainted with what Blockchain is founded on. To make that more straightforward and easier to understand, let me take you through the basic principles of this impermeable decentralised distributed ledger technology.

It’s all about diversity and democratising transactions online

Well, that’s precisely what Blockchain is founded on. Simply put, this distributed database allows every participant within the network to see each transaction carried out and even validate the records. It’s exciting though that no single soul controls or can erase a trade. A single feature that makes this technology very helpful in situations that previously lacked transparency.

Equity and uniformity

Other than that, Blockchain is a p2p transmission platform where no outside interference can alter the on-goings within the platform. Neither the governments nor external forces can influence the ecosystem. And once a transaction has happened, it will forever remain recorded without anyone erasing it.

The good thing with equity in Blockchain is, it treats everyone’s 30-plus-character alphanumeric address equal. In fact, equality is one of the significant features that informed the inception of this technology.

Finally, blockchain knows no traditional stereotypes

We could simply say Blockchain is a fresh start against the establishment that has forever despised some members of the society. As it is with sexism in crypto right now, the conventional world has witnessed untold prejudice against a specific group of people.

Besides eliminating inequality, Blockchain seemingly is the cure for rampant crimes in the current tech-driven world. Many people are leveraging this technology in fighting pretty much every ill.  From banking, cybersecurity, ticket fraud, voting, crypto exchanges, internet advertising. Then the academia, cloud computing and cloud storage, plus lots of other industries.

In fact, it’s disrupting many traditional markets

As it stands, it’s no longer a matter of “if,” but rather “when” Blockchain will completely disrupt the core sectors of the world. It has already penetrated through the banking, healthcare, politics, real estate, legal and security industries.

Swiss bank UBS and Barclays are just some of the pioneers in the banking industry who are experimenting on this technology. Lots of decentralised crypto exchanges too are replacing the original and popular centralised ones. In academia, Sony Global Education has just partnered with IBM, all for the development of a Blockchain-powered educational platform.

It’s crystal clear, therefore, that Blockchain is something that we, the able women of this world, can debunk and dominate.

And there are countless areas where we can be a good fit, ideally better than those holding the positions right now!

We are faced with a huge stumbling block, however!

As the principles of Blockchain evidence, this technology is good for everyone in the world. Nowhere is it written that it’s for the abhorrent ‘Blockchain Bros’ alone.

You look at the data about the core participants in the Blockchain industry, and immediately you notice why diversity is still a far-cry if indeed it exists.

Of all the venture-backed start-ups in the cryptocurrency industry, a meagre 8.5% of them were founded by women.

Worse yet, about 8% of the whole sector comprise of women out of whom, about 7% hold leadership positions in the various crypto-based organisations. And of all investors who quite literally keep the industry in place, about 5%-7% of them are women.

Only 5%-7% of crypto investors are women.

Here’s something even worse than the numbers

It’s rather sad that the figures portray the rampant yet implicit sexist stereotypes labelled against women in crypto. They take many forms – from as mild as objectifying women in crypto and giving them lesser roles to such spiteful acts as taking them as mere ‘apparatus’ to be ‘used and dumped.’

It’s only the other day that news of how North American Bitcoin Conference, one of the most celebrated events in the calendar, portrayed sexism in crypto in black and white. First, out of 88 speakers who made it to the event, only three of them were women. As if that wasn’t shameful enough, the after-party schmooze was at a local strip club.

Before that, at the height of the 2017 ICO frenzy, a crypto startup called DateCoin, in a stupid attempt to entice prospective investors, advertised itself in a sexist manner. On Facebook was an ad of a swimsuit-clad woman whose all body has inscribed the words “Touch my ICO.” And it wasn’t the only one since YoBit, another company, pulled the same stunt.

We haven’t even spoken about ‘Mansplaining – embarrassing a woman sexually at a crypto start-up. Many women have reported about how they are looked upon and seen as though they are dunderheads in all-things Blockchain and crypto.

But lots of opportunities are there – here are some

There’s no need to look at it as though Blockchain is for men and women’s role is of lesser importance. Furthermore, we shouldn’t look at this call as though it’s merely a matter of equitable sharing of resources alone.

Crypto needs women, whether men agree to it or not.

Women too can make history in crypto, just like they’ve done in other fields and at the same time speak about sexism. It’s evident that women can help massively in shaping up the industry and that keeping the numbers abysmal is detrimental.

And so, we need to stand firm and make a name. And speaking against it is by taking active roles in this industry. Such functions as:

  • Marketing and communication – Crypto needs women to serve in its core areas. Since we do excel in communication and marketing stuff out there, Blockchain-based organisations need us! They need women to publicise their products.
  • Social networking – women never shy away from discussing their wins, their goals, their best secrets and pretty much everything. And if they are to combat prejudice in this sector, they have to bring their fundamental social networking skills. They have to make statements and shake up the industry!
  • Take up opportunities – as it’s apparent, men aren’t ready to give up their dominance, and it’s only upon us, women, to take them on. And taking these men on involves taking up critical roles in each sector. If you are a lawyer, work in a crypto firm; if you are an investor, choose a Blockchain company, and so forth.
  • Organise hackathons, summits, and meet-ups – we need more of the ‘Women on the Block,’ Women in Blockchain and sponsorships for women. We earnestly need to empower other women and ensure they fight for diversity and inclusion in crypto. Anything from networking and educational events to sponsored meetings is excellent.

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