My Honest Trend Mystery Review

Here’s an interesting fact to consider – only about 20% of people who try out day trading will continue to do so after two years. Yes, only one in five!

After one month of starting out in day trading, approximately 60% of everyone who takes on such a challenge ends up quitting. Over half give up within one month!

Additionally, the majority of people who try out day trading end up failing – often big time – and lose their entire investment.

With all of these factors taken into mind, it is no wonder that so many people are turning the other way when it comes to talking about forex trading, day trading, and related matters.

Unfortunately, when you turn the other cheek and decide not even to give it a go, you might be losing out on a lot of potentials – potential to profit big time by making a relatively small initial investment.

Hi, i’m Natalie. I have now been initiating profitable day trades on a daily basis for  years – and I must tell you, I have never looked back.

But it wasn’t always this way – and it certainly wasn’t consistently profitable!

Before we get into the purpose of this article and look at how I was able to turn things around with a simple platform, let me be honest with you from the very beginning.

Yes, I have also fallen victim to those videos and promotional content that tells you trading is easy.

I made a relatively large investment, lost the money that I invested.

I was devastated at that point in time.

Did I give up? Well, at first yes!

But then after discovering how one of my friends were making it big time with simple day trades, I dived right back into the game and found one program that changed my entire strategy.

In this post, I am going to be providing you with a Trend Mystery review.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this software to to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not it is right for you.

I’ll also tell you how Trend Mystery helped me achieve the rate of success that I now have with almost every trade that I initiate.

What Is Trend Mystery All About

Trend Mystery is a complete package that primarily includes a custom-developed piece of software that is installed on your computer to provide you with trading signals.

The trading signals are provided live, and the software is able to predict upcoming trends accurately in specific trading pairs that you configure on the platform.

The software that comes with the package “plugs” into a third-party application known as Meta Trader 4 and connects to a single live account.

The live account will be analyzed by the Trend Mystery software, and trading signals will then be provided to you according to the settings and trading habits of the main account that is connected to the application.

What makes Trend Mystery a very unique system is the fact that the developer behind the software is an expert day trader who has developed their own strategy for successful trading.

He understands exactly how to predict future trends that are coming up and have taken his strategy and built it directly into this piece of software.

With this in mind, it means you are given access to the “secrets” that the developer has discovered during his years of experience in trading.

Therefore, when you install the Trend Mystery software on your computer, you can be sure that every signal provided to you is based on expert strategies.

These strategies have been built into the software in order to give you a maximum chance at landing profitable trades in your day trading operations.

I found Trend Mystery to be much easier to follow and use than a lot of the other signal software that I have come across in my years of day trading.

The application is really easy to install – and then easily connects with the MT4 trading platform.

I also found the numerous ways that the software alerts me about new signals exceptionally convenient.

Whenever a new signal is available for me to trade on, I get a notification on my smartphone, as well as an email that alerts me on the signal.

Additionally, when I set my trades and signal updating to five-minute intervals, an alarm system pops up on my computer that gives me live updates every five minutes.

What’s Included With The Trend Mystery Package?

The Trend Mystery package comes complete with everything you really need to get started with a more successful day trading career.

The main piece of software that comes with the package is really what makes this program worth every penny (or cent if your American 😉 ).

As a bonus, the software is not all you get when you buy the Trend Mystery package.

You also get access to the following features, all of which will become crucial components of successful trades:

  • A mobile application that sends you push notifications whenever a new signal is available, which gives you the ability to act in a timely manner and avoid losing out.
  • All of the signals that will be sent to you are reliable, and the program also comes with a 100% no repaint guarantee.
  • You can connect one live trading account through the MT4 application to the Trend Mystery platform to receive trading alerts on that account.
  • The program comes with a 100% money back guarantee that can be utilized within the first 30 days after purchase.
  • Once you have purchased access to the program, you also get access to 24/7 support via email by the customer team behind the Trend Mystery platform. If you have any type of questions or you run into any issues with the software, simply submit a ticket via email and an agent will contact you back as soon as possible.
  • A complete user guide is also provided with the purchase of the program, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use the software in such a way to maximize your earning potential.

How Much Does The Trend Mystery Package Cost?

For some people, taking a first glance at the price of the Trend Mystery package may come with a little surprise, as the price might seem a little steep.

The complete package costs $147.

This is more than the minimum investment for some trading platforms where you can practice your day trading skills, after all.

Here’s the good thing – that $147 is a one-off investment that you are going to be making.

Think of it as investing in your future.

Remember that the software will be giving you lifetime access to signals that will allow you to make more successful trades.

So if you buy this software, use it to make trades, and invest some money on a trading platform.

Then you will likely make back the money you invested in the Trend Mystery program within the first month.

Are There Any Monthly Fees For Trend Mystery?

One of my favorite features about Trend Mystery is the fact that I am not required to pay a monthly fee to continue using the software.

This was a roadblock that I walked into with many of the other similar programs that I found.

They often charge a monthly fee.

Once you stop paying this monthly fee, you lose access to the software.

With Trend Mystery, however, you pay one single fee, and that gives you lifetime access to the software for one live trading account on the MT4 platform.

If you need access to more than one live account, you might have to buy a second license for the Trend Mystery application, but this will, again, also be a once-off fee.

How Do You Gain Access To The Platform?

Gaining access to the entire Trend Mystery platform is a quick, easy, and effortless process.

All you need to do to gain access is visit the product’s official page.

Here, you’ll discover a complete sales letter, along with a detailed description of how the Trend Mystery program works.

You’ll even be able to see the software that comes with the purchase of the package in action.

Be sure to take a look at the video that Karl has developed.

This will give you a really good idea about what to expect if you do decide to take advantage of the offer he is making you.

Once you feel that you are ready to proceed, you simply click the “Add to Cart” button – the button is displayed multiple times on the landing page, so it really is impossible to miss.

After you press this button, you’ll be taken to a secure area, hosted by the ClickBank platform, to complete a checkout process.

Simply fill in the required details – be sure to use the correct email address, as your access details will be delivered here.

After you are done with this step, the final step of the process is simply to pay for your membership.

You will then be sent details on how to access the dashboard and all of the material and resources that come with the Trend Mystery program.

How Does Trend Mystery Work? What Are The Requirements For Using The Platform?

Trend Mystery is probably one of the easiest options that I have used since I have started to delve into the market of programs that provide you with signals for possible trades.

The main “part” of the Trend Mystery package is a piece of software that the developer has coded in order to deliver highly accurate and effective signals on trading pairs that you can follow for potential profits.

Once you have completed a checkout process and you were given credentials for the members’ area, simply sign in and then download the software.

You will need access to a computer that is compatible with the software – after downloading, be sure to install the Trend Mystery software on your computer.

In addition to the main software, you should also consider using the mobile app.

The app will send you push notifications to ensure you are always aware of upcoming trade signals that you can take advantage of.

It should be noted that the Trend Mystery software is currently only compatible with one trading platform, known as MT4, or Meta Trader 4.

In addition to installing the software available on the Trend Mystery dashboard on your computer, you will also need to install the MT4 application and register an account on the platform.

Does Trend Mystery Guarantee Results?

While Trend Mystery worked miracles for me, there is no 100% guarantee that you will be as happy with this platform as I have been.

If you look online, there are others that have you used the software and not got results. You still need to act on the signals and take the appropriate actions.

Fortunately, the good news here is that Trend Mystery does come with a guarantee. you know you would be able to get your money back if you do not see the same results that I or other customers have.

In fact, the developer behind this software gives you a full month to test out the software that he has developed.

Simply sign up for the platform and download the software – use it for 30 days and see what it can do for you.

After 30 days, if you feel that you did not make as much profit as you expected with the program, then get in touch with Karl.

He takes the success of his customers very serious – so if you tell him that you are not happy, then he will issue a refund to your account.

Conclusion: Is Trend Mystery The Right Solution For You?

After following a number of different programs that focused on day trading, and losing a big sum of money that I invested – not only in day trading but also a lot of these programs – I can honestly say that Trend Mystery is the best solution that I have tried this far.

This was (and still is), in fact, one of the staple programs that has been able to provide me with effective signals so far.

In the majority of cases where the Trend Mystery platform signals me to initiate a trade, I walk out with a profit at the end of the day.


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