Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.


Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.


Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.


Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.

I know I promised I would tell you some of my tricks and the things I use for my trading. Here is my ultimate guide to resources for traders. Trading resources such as trading books, trading platforms, trading courses and trading tools. These resources will work for your whether you want stock trader resources for beginners, day trader resources or equity trading resources.

Don’t worry, the time has come for me to present you, ladies, the top 4 trading resources for beginner and experienced traders. They’re even better than all the make-up hints I could give you right now – and trust me, those would be pure gold

This of this as the perfect trader toolkit – just like you need your perfect make-up tool kit.

Our brains are our usual enemies, though. But don’t worry about being weak, don’t be afraid to fail. After all, we’re women – and you can’t get any stronger than that.

If you use more than one of these new trader resources. I guarantee that your wildest financial dreams will come true. It doesn’t matter if your dream is

  • Buying your own house
  • Paying for all the things you ever wanted to give your kids
  • Taking a trip to Brazil
  • Stop working in a super boring job
  • Submerging your body in a mountain of shiny summer dresses.

Healthy trading makes dreams come true. I’ll give you some ammunition to help you fight the most common mindset mistakes beginner traders make.

Check the list of my top 4 resources for traders, and see which of those fits you better.

Best Platforms for Online Trading

Do you know that scarf that you can wear as a blouse, a hijab, as a dress and as an actual scarf?

The trading platforms I’m about to talk to you right now, are like that scarf. They cover a wide range of tradings: from stocks to commodities, from forex to crypto.

Besides from the three platforms listed below, there is some more info about online trading here: Best Platforms for Online Trading. Check them out and let me know which is your favourite!


Let’s start with Plus500. This is a nice and easy platform for traders, that can help you learn trading inductively. It means you learn by doing it. They allow you to open demo accounts and help you learn through raw practice.

Nobody can ever teach you how to be a mom unless you become a mom, for example. So… why not learn to trade by trading?

If you are the type of person that learns easier by doing, Plus500 is great for you.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A demo trading account is also a vital stock trader resources for beginners and day trader resource to practice new trading styles.


Along with Plus500, eToro teaches you trading inductively.

Their demo account helps you practice trading without any money on the line. I’ve actually written an article about real and demo accounts. If you’re interested in learning how to go from one to the other, check it here.

You can start in eToro by putting some money in fixed income investments, to get you going. Then take some risks on eToro’s home broker – conscious risks, of course, because you’ll be following all the tips of this article!

eToro also allows you to follow the mainstream traders and copy their investments. This is ultimately the best thing about this platform.


Binance heads the way for crypto trading.

This is a well-known and secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It has many options to trade, and that’s why it might be perfect for you: whether you’re an expert or a beginner trader.

If you want to know a bit more about crypto trading, take a look at these cryptocurrency articles I prepared for you.


2. Books to Learn Trading

It’s not because we’re dumb that we don’t read books, right? In fact, this whole website was created to enhance our trading skills and intelligence.

“Dumb bitch” will become a funny little joke of your past. You’ll laugh about it with your kids by the pool of your mansion – bought only with your trading profits.

I refuse to let you remain in this situation of ignorance. The key resources for successful traders are all laid out here. That’s why I’m listing some books that help you learn how to trade. You’ll find the full list of books for traders here. Books are the essential day trader resource along with back bone for any stock trader.

3 Books on Technical Analysis & Charting

How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System In Good Times And Bad – William J. O’Neil

This book makes trading charts look easy.

Neil writes down some interesting stuff on each of the graphs. You’ll learn with him everything you need to search for in a trading chart.

Buy on Amazon.co.uk | Buy on Amazon.com

Other two books on Technical Analysis and charting:

3 Books on Trading Strategy

Day Trading And Swing Trading The Currency Market – Kathy Lien

Kathy is a trading intellectual.

She studies the market extensively and helps you understand the difficulties of trading with examples and explanations.

According to her summary on Amazon, this book presents you to “intermarket relationships, interest rate differentials, option volatilities, news events, and more”

Buy on Amazon.co.uk | Buy on Amazon.com

Other two books on Trading Strategy:

3 Books on Trading Psychology

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes – Mark Douglas

Once, he had a bad experience in trading.

In this book, Mark Douglas shows how he learned from his mistakes and how he recovered his confidence in trading.

Maybe you failed once too. In this case, this book is perfect for you. If you haven’t, read it too, it will help you understand how you can avoid failure in this field.

Buy on Amazon.co.uk | Buy on Amazon.com

Other two books on Trading Psychology:

3 Books on Trading Experience

Market Wizards – Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager uses a different approach in Market Wizards.  

This book is packed with interviews with well-succeeded traders. While reading it, you’ll feel so impressed by the way they started! Just like us.

Other two books on Trading Experience:

Reading books is the best way to grasp the basics and advanced of anything. You’ll be dealing directly with experts on the field of trading! If you want to read some more about each of these books, you can check it here.

3. Best courses to learn trading

I know you’ve already watched a YouTube tutorial on how to apply a certain type of make-up, or someone teaching which clothes to wear.

Well, YouTube is perfect for a beginners’ make-up tutorial, but don’t even try to become a professional by only watching it.

It takes even more attention to detail to learn how to trade. You’re dealing with money (YOUR money) – and let’s face it, losing money is worse than going to a party with the wrong clothes.

That’s why I took trading seriously. And you should too!

Besides watching YouTube videos (and yes, I did!), I bought online courses. These were made by people that had studied finance and had experiences in trading.

Some of the courses I bought, watched, loved, and recommend are:

Tradeciety – Stocks Trading Strategy

‘Stocks Online Trading Course’

This trading course is helpful for beginners because it guides you step-by-step into stock trading. The best part is that you have access to the weekly setups and, the best part for me, a forum.

The resource of a forum in an online course is core for me, just like a bag to keep all my make-up in when I go out!We can share our concerns, theories and, best of all, we find some girlfriends interested in the same things as we are: TRADING!

Trading Lesson – Technical Analysis

‘The Ultimate Collection of Trading Strategies, Techniques and Tips’.

If you want to deepen yourself in trading and trading analysis, this is the perfect course for you.

The thing I love about this course, other than the richness of information they give and the trader support is the price. You know I adore things that are cheap and useful at the same time: that’s what this course is!

Tradeciety – Trading Mindset Course

‘The Ultimate Mental Edge’

This course is a must for those who can’t tame their brains. Some ladies, even after reading the psychology articles, don’t know how to face their fear of trading and its implications.

FOMO is the greatest fear of those people, but this course helps their minds to embrace risks.

Mindset is the main goal of this course, and it traces a lovely path leading you straight into healthy trading.

4. Trading Tools

Signals (Slick Trade)

Slick trade is great. Is one of the best resources you can use as a trader.

There is a “Free Education” plan where you pay absolutely nothing for ebooks, strategies, news…

Being able to chat with successful traders and be presented to the best trading strategies is awesome too.

Take a look at their website, maybe you’ll even want to raise some money to buy the Sapphire membership.  Give it a try.

Trading Journal (Edgewonk)

If you haven’t yet, start journaling right now!!!

Having access to a trading journal has been a game changer in my trader path. I’ve written about my experience with Edgewonk’s trading journal in here. This should be an essential day trader resource, but equally beneficial for stock and equity trader resource.

An effective trading journal really is one of the most underrated resources for traders.

Nothing has been helping me so much during trading than journaling and keeping track of my trades. Besides that, Edgewonk is my best friend when it comes to feedback: by using it, I know if my tradings for the week were “loser” or “winner” moves. 

May be you’d like to learn how using a trading journal helped double my profits!

Charting (Trading View)

Free, easy-to-view trading charts are essential for your everyday life as a trader.

You should take a look at the charts at least once a day. Trading view will enable you to take a quick look at them whenever you feel like it.

Learning how to read them is also a great skill to have, and I’ll teach you how to do that in here!

Finally, that’s it. These are my golden resources for traders.

What are your favourite resources for traders?

Take a deep look at resource section for traders one of those items, study each topic, click on every link. Did you get the stock trader resources that you needed?  Or the day trader resources or equity trading resources to take your trading to the next level?

You’ll leave this window a lot more fulfilled as a trader and knowing exactly what to do next.

See you in a few days. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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