A cryptocurrency exchange company founded in early 2019, Prime XBT is a viable alternative for those traders willing to enter the crypto realm. With an impressive set of features, this Prime XBT review is to give you the full picture to see if it’s right for you to trade on.

Prime XBT provides plenty of great features that may be life-changing for those experienced traders that feel ready to trade and take Crypto seriously. For the beginners, Prime XBT offers so many chart study tools! These can be used by dedicated students to really understand how the market works and floats.

This article is another review for the ladies who don’t know which broker to choose: It’s time for a Prime XBT review!

Functional aspects of Prime XBTFunctional aspects of Prime XBT

As previously said, Prime XBT is a broker made especially for trading cryptocurrency. An unusual aspect of it is that it has traders from over 150 countries, which is amazing for such a new company. Its main selling point is that Prime XBT has leveraged trading for several assets.

Let’s remember what is leveraged trading!

It’s when the broker lends money to traders, allowing them to buy stocks, forex, etc., they wouldn’t be able to buy with only their own money.

This practice is for professional traders because it involves much higher risks and extensive knowledge.

Prime XBT leverages trading for 6 cryptocurrency pairs with max leverage of 100x. This means they amp up your initial investment a hundred times! Even more impressively, they also leverage several forex/commodity assets up to 1,000x!

Another useful aspect of Prime XBT is that they make use of the same liquidity of the major exchanges in the industry, pooling their liquidity from over 12 different exchanges.

At Prime XBT, you’ll be able to trade both long and short. This means you can choose to profit from an upward market movement (trade long) or from a downward market movement (trade short).

Prime XBT Safety

You are probably curious to know if Prime XBT is safe since there have been so many news about cryptocurrency exchange hacks out there.

I get it, girl. We’re women, we are very less likely to fall for stupid schemes like men so consistently do.

However, this can happen, and we should always be aware of what we get into and research every company’s reputation.

Prime XBT can hold your coins in a secure offline environment named cold storage. It is kept away from the internet connection and from potential hackers.

Prime XBT also offers two-factor authentication for people worried about other people having their password – you’ll have to authorise the log in via Google authenticator. You can also enable 2FA on your phone for extra safety.

Prime XBT PlatformPrime XBT Platform

In only 40 seconds, you can set up your Prime XBT trading account.

Its interface is extremely user-friendly and beginners will not have trouble with it. However, Prime XBT offers a fully customisable workspace and professional charts that feel amazing for advanced traders.

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Innovative tools

Prime XBT offers innovative tools that allow for a more personalised experience analysing market data and managing and executing orders. The platform includes a comprehensive suite of drawing tools for those traders who love to use prediction and over 50 technical indicators to analyse price trends.

If you’re feeling the need to magnify your chart analysis skills, check the Prime XBT customisable platform and charting tools right now!

Another innovative tool provided by Prime XBT is the multiple order types. You’re allowed to exercise increased flexibility when entering trades with the Order Form option.


This is the list of the instruments traded by Prime XBT:


Indices and commodities


Bitcoin / US Dollar

Ethereum / US Dollar

Ethereum / Bitcoin

Litecoin / US Dollar

Litecoin / Bitcoin

Ripple / US Dollar

EOS / US Dollar

EOS / Bitcoin

UK Brent

US Crude

US Natural Gas

Germany 30


US Tech100

Hong Kong 50

Australia 200

Japan 225

UK 100

Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar

Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc

Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen

Australian Dollar / US Dollar

Euro / Australian Dollar

Euro / Canadian Dollar

Euro / Swiss Franc

Euro / Great Britain Pound

Euro / Japanese Yen

Euro / US Dollar

Great British Pound / Australian Dollar

Great British Pound / Canadian Dollar

Great Britain Pound / Swiss Franc

Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen

Great Britain Pound / US Dollar

US Dollar / Canadian Dollar

US Dollar / Swiss Franc

US Dollar / Japanese Yen

Spot Silver USD

Spot Gold USD


The trading fees are flat and charged per trade:

Trading fees


Indices and commodities





The margin financing fees at Prime XBT are also flat and charged daily, and they vary according to each specific cryptocurrency, forex, or index and commodity.

The withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC, so only withdrawal when you have enough profit that makes it worth to spend this amount.

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Since Prime XBT is a crypto-only exchange, it only allows deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins.

The minimum deposit is 0.001 with leverage that floats up to 1000x, as mentioned.

Once you have the Bitcoin, you can hit the “deposit” button, which will take you to a page where you can access your Prime XBT Bitcoin address.

For that, you can use a Fiat gateway such as Bitstamp, or buy bitcoin directly from a widget available at Prime XBT website with the use of a credit or debit card.

Withdrawal from Prime XBT

You will withdraw the funds directly to your personal Bitcoin address.

Prime XBT Trading Platform Conclusion

As I said in the beginning of this Prime XBT review – it is a new exchange broker, launched in early 2019. This means that you should trade with them if you’re interested, but with caution. They have a wonderful feature set however it does not have a history of lack of security breaches.

The best recommendation is if you liked their functionalities, always withdraw the money consistently, being careful not to use Prime XBT as a wallet.

If you want to keep the bitcoins more accessible, always store them in cold storage to prevent hackers from getting to you.

Read about how I saved £40k from crypto hackers and still lost £10k.

About leveraging, we have discussed it before, but I can’t stress this enough: don’t use it unless you have enough knowledge and experience. Trading on the margin is a very risky business, although it can be handy and profitable for advanced traders.

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Did you like the Prime XBT review? Let us know your doubts and experiences in the comment section!

Kisses, hugs, and happy crypto trading!


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