Hey ladies! Are you ready for a trading journal review?

I mentioned Edgewonk and how trading journals helped me in the article How a Trading Journal Helped Me Double My Profits, but today we’ll get even more profound.

This Edgewonk trading journal review covers the main features of the trading journal I personally use.

Why use a trading journal?

Almost every trading book I’ve read has the recommendation to trade while using a journal. 

It is one of if not the most essential tool for a trader, especially for those who consider trading as their job. 

If you’re having problems in trading, losing money without knowing the reason and even earning money without understanding the patterns, you desperately need a trading journal (I recommend Edgewonk, and this review explains why).

You probably already have a journal or diary for your own life or for some aspect of your life. 

You certainly keep track of the money you spend, the books you read, the movies you watch or even to know when you ovulate or when your period is coming. Keeping track of stuff is in every ladies’ life. 

The process of journaling lets us analyse what were our past mistakes and help us know what to expect for the future, and in trading, it can earn us so much money!

That is why I always recommend traders to use a trading journal, no matter what. Whichever your results are, I assure you they will be better after you start using a trading journal such as Edgewonk.

Edgewonk review

Edgewonk describes itself as a trading journal for all markets and all types of traders – it actually works for everything we typically trade: stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex, futures, spreadbetting, and CFD trading.

 The platform is completely customised depending on your trading style, and it works with all currencies and markets from around the world.

 It is a simple software, but it helps our lives as traders, giving us enough tools to understand our patterns and mistakes, and helping us optimise our trading systems.

Edgewonk is a trading journal that can add up to any trader’s life. However, it is hugely recommended for active traders such as day traders and active swing traders.


The pricing for Edgewonk is fair and not at all complicated.

You’ll only need to pay once, without any hidden fees.  

By paying the one-time fee, you’ll get access to a software that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently, the Edgewonk Trading Journal 2.0 pricing for all countries, except the ones in the EU is $187

If you live in the EU, check the full price for your country here 

However, if they can pay, I always recommend to the traders I know the bundle offered by Edgewonk. It consists of access to the trading journal + access to the trader development course provided by Edgewonk (for non-EU citizens, the price for the bundle is only $10 higher).

Trade simulator

After you’ve used Edgewonk for some time, you will be able to simulate your next trades based on your previous trading activity.

 This feature allows you to analyse your strategies and check if they will work long-term.

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Exit/Entry Optimization

Edgewonk drastically increases trading win rates with its algorithms.

It checks every trade and creates an optimised system of timing your exits/entries. It helps you create your strategy when you are just starting out and enables you to develop your current plan when you already are a seasoned trader. 

The platform has a system that shows you when to enter and exit trades, how to set stops, increasing the size of your winners, and when to abandon trades that are only draining your money.

This means that besides being helpful in an objective way, Edgewonk will prevent you from acting with your emotions. Most of the common mindset mistakes will disappear because all your emotions of insecurity and anxiety will be unjustified. 

Edgewonk trader development course

Although it is not included in Edgewonk by standard, as I said before, the course is only an additional $10 if bought together with the software.

The Edgewonk trader development course is a web-based course that offers lifetime access to 5 modules with 21 sessions and 31 extras.

The five modules are the following:

  1. The absolute Edgewonk and trading basics
  2. Create your own professional trading routine
  3. Dealing with emotional trading problems
  4. Risk and money management principles
  5. Trade management and order optimisation.

They are amazing, especially for beginners, but full-time professional traders can also benefit from some tips about the Edgewonk platform as well.

It is highly recommended that you get the course with the Edgewonk platform. We’ve already discussed the best online trading courses, and we know how education is important, right? 

You won’t have another opportunity to get an excellent course for $10 – this money won’t even buy you a dress.

To learn more about Edgewonk’s trader development course, check here

More features

  • Track and evaluate emotions

  • Analyze how holding time is impacting your performance

  • Daily, weekly and monthly built-in review feature

  • Trade entry wizard

  • Attach up to 4 screenshots per trades

  • Interactive equity graph

  • An overall great software interface


This is how the software’s homepage looks. And the best thing of all is that you can get a free trial in here, only by adding your email address!


Well, ladies, that was my Edgewonk trading journal review.

Seriously, you have to journal your trades. Although Edgewonk makes a world of difference, if you don’t have the money to buy the software, start documenting everything on a regular spreadsheet. 

If you’re willing to take trading seriously, journaling is the first thing to do. 

Let us know what do you think of this Edgewonk trading journal review and, if you already use Edgewonk, tell us all about your experience!


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