It isn’t easy to make money as a mum working from home. Being a work-from-home mum isn’t easy, and I can tell you that as I am one myself.

When we are faced with the reality of being a mother, our lives turn upside down. It is hard. At first, we might think our lives are not ours anymore.

But you can turn this into an opportunity.

We all know that we can’t trade without money, and being a work-from-home mum is a great way to have money enough to trade.

Maybe some of you are on the maternity leave and feel like you won’t be able to go back to work. Well, perhaps you won’t, so what? Just because that office and the trip to get there doesn’t excite you anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t work anymore.

You can always be a work-from-home mum.

In this article, I’ll share my experience with you by giving ideas on what to work with, and how to set up an office. You too can make money as a mum working from home, after all, I did it.

Setting up a Home-office

Putting together a home-office is hard (what’s not hard about all of this?), especially if the only room you had available is now the baby or kid’s room.

What you can do is choose a wall in the quieter place of the house (your bedroom, for example), and set up your desk in there.

If you have a baby, you’ll probably want them to be close to you in case they need help. However, having a crib in your office may not be recommended, since we tend to get distracted with those cute little faces. In this case, I recommend that you buy a baby monitor, this way you’ll know when they need something.

But if you have a kid… Well, a kid may be even harder. If they are old enough, you can have a heart-to-heart and explain to them that you need to work so that they have a better life.

If they can’t understand it yet, give them entertainment – toys, TV, colouring books… Usually, playing does the trick for a few hours, and they have school in part of the day.

What You Can Do as a Work-from-Home Mum

There are options, and you can try them all, but those people who already have experience in many areas may find it easier to choose what to do to make money as a mum working from home.

When I mean working from home, I usually suggest using the computer, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you’re not too well-versed in technology. These are your 11 ways to make money – off and online.


  1. Write

If you have experience or skill in writing, why don’t you start writing your book? It can be a book of short stories, a novel, or just a biography if you have a good life story. Many people work and live from writing. You can be one of them.

  1. Artist or Artisan

If you’re a creative and your passion is arts, work as an artist. Paint, sculpt, create. You can also use your skills to work as an artisan. Cooking, sewing… Maybe something you already know how to do can be your full-time job – or you can learn a new skill.

  1. Sell products

Whether you write, build, cook, sew, or paint, you’ll have to sell your product. Doing it online is way more accessible, but you can always sell your products in a market, at your home, or just by going to your friend’s houses, selling to them, and asking them to introduce you to new clients. Here are other ways of selling a product offline.

But if you haven’t tried making the product yourself, you can always buy a product in bulk and sell it to people. Maybe something everyone needs, or just something that people will love but they only sell it on an Indian website, for example.

  1. Consult

Consulting is a great way to make money offline. It is suitable for when you have many years of experience in the field you used to work with, and you can share some knowledge and even work as a freelancer solving a company’s issues at a distance. You can reach potential customers by calling them and offering your service. This is a great way to find clients as a consultant.

  1. Babysit

Babysitting is an excellent option for those moms who don’t have much time in a specific period of the day. You can spread announcements on the neighbourhood and tell your friends you are babysitting. It isn’t that hard to find people with kids to babysit, and eventually, you can even turn this into a business.

  1. Take care of animals

The same thing as babysitting, but I think it’s easier. If you have many kids in your house, taking care of animals is a better idea. There are apps you can download in your phone, like DogBuddy for dogs, but you can also reach out to every friend you have who has pets.



  1. Trade

This is an option that HAD to be here. Trading is a wonderful way to make money online, especially if you already have your emergency fund. Start by studying the subject and open a brokerage account. Start slow and track your progress, and in a few weeks or months, you’ll realize you’re making a consistent income.

You can start by swing trading by just checking the charts twice or 3 times a week, or you can begin day trading or scalping if you’re able to check every day. In this article, I tell you the differences between each. This was my route to make money as a mum working from home.

  1. Write

When I say online writing, I mean this that I’m doing. It is one of my sources of income as well as trading. You can create a blog and start writing content about something you’re familiar with, used to work with, or that you love to study and research. Blogs have to be known to make money, so you should consider studying SEO and blog writing.

  1. Sell products

As I’ve said before, selling products online is a fantastic way to make money. You can sell your own products online on sites like eBay, or just Facebook groups or you can sell other people’s products as an affiliate.

  1. Teach

It is like consulting (which you can also do online) because you have to be experienced and have enough knowledge to teach. If you have a History degree, you can teach History online on many platforms like ezTalks Webinar, and you can also create and sell your courses in platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, and more.

  1. Freelance

Freelancing is a way to make money, especially on the side. It’s working for companies or people, offering your services temporarily. You can join websites like Upwork or Freelancer and create a profile saying what you can do. Then people hire you and pay for your work.


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