If you’re looking for inspiration, lessons and learning in trading, look no further than these successful women traders on Twitter. This list of forty-two women will not only entertain you but proves that the financial market does not consist of the old boys club anymore.

Here we go ladies J

Crypto Traders (and Blockchain Influencers)

@GemCrypto: Gem is sharing her experience with new traders who wish to join the cryptocurrency market. She is always telling people what matters to her most is blockchain and humanity.

@dickerson_des: She is a humble lady who heads the operations at lightning (which helps Bitcoin to scale). Her tweets are always positive views on the blockchain industry.

@TheCryptomist: Her tweets are also majorly to give you more understanding of the blockchain trade; she gives her personal experience but not financial advice to people.

@crypto_sally_: Sally is a bitcoin trader; her posts are usually meant to give advice to those people who don’t know about blockchain but would wish to start serious trading in it. She is always ready to help you out.

@CryptoVanessa: Vanessa is a blockchain trader on Twitter; her posts give women more insight about the trade and the likely trends.

@PieceOfThePy: She is a pretty woman who is a contributor and a revolutionist at crypto. Due to her efforts, she was named among the top ten women in cryptocurrency in 2018.

@missnatoshi: She is a bold personality that believes in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

@CryptoWendyO: Wendy is focused on providing blockchain companies globally with transparent marketing as well as educating the community.

@cryptoaddict86: A blockchain based technology; it utilizes the tokens which help in carrying KYC and KYT data points which are very critical for validation of financial institution.

@ladyFOHF: she is a researcher on the use of cryptocurrency; she aims at making people understand the use and importance of cryptocurrency.

@ltc_angel: She is a cryptocurrency angel who educates people on the important things you need to know before joining the cryptocurrency market. Her posts are all about informing people on the process and the steps they need to take.

@TargetGrlCrypto: She is a crypto trader; she is also an expert in analysing signals; her tweets are mainly charts for traders.

@femaletrader_A: Anna has been trading since 2006. Her research is mainly to come up with a new financial system in the blockchain technology that will help people to understand more about the market.

@susanCTshore: Susan is a futures trader who spends most of her time tweeting about the cryptocurrency as the next currencies for trade.

Forex Traders

@tradecharting: Mary also runs a trade alert service that is mainly focused on Forex and stocks.

@ragheehorner: She is a contributor to the John carter’s simpler trading while focusing on Forex, futures as well as currency.

Market Traders and Analysts

@z8angela: This young lady describes herself as a day/options trader; she also tracks the technical charts as well as doing an analysis.

@samanthaLaDuc: She is a stock analyst, an educator, as well as a trader who runs a live trading room, and she also publishes a weekly investment newsletter. Why not follow Samantha; you will be in a position to get all this information for your trading career as a beginner.

@kiwitrader24: Carolyn marshal is a beautiful businesswoman who started doing her business in the year 1989. She started trading in 2005, and up to now, she is a full-time trader.

@poorgalrichgal: Shan Shan Xie is an equity researcher and an options trader. Her tweets are all about educating people on how to make some handsome investment through trade options.

@offshorehunters: This is Michelle’s Twitter handle; this lady is a swing stock trader as well as an outdoor enthusiast who contributes to investors underground.

@shecantrade: She is an author as well as an options trader; she also runs a trading alert service.

@callieabost: Calie is an analyst at NC; she gives her own views on the stock and crypto market unfolds.

@hmeisler: Helene is respected because of her traditional technical charting skills. She is also a long time contributor to the street. You should definitely follow her; you learn a lot from her charts.

@Brenda_Kelly: She is a big personality who is both a trader as well as an analyst.

@tonihansen: Toni iprovides her followers with technical analysis teachings; she does this by focusing on Fibonacci and swing trading.

@marketminute: Michelle is known for her humorous writing; she is a witty market commentator who focuses on the technical analysis in ETF’s world.

@sassy_SPY: Rachel provides her followers with trade alert services for the momentum stocks.

@katie_martin_fx: Katie is a serious big hitter in the wealth management space. She educates her followers on the need to investment and financial markets, vital if you want to become a serious trader.

@tweetleni: Leni is a serious businesswoman who trades on equities; her tweets are mainly to encourage those who still doubt the blockchain industry to realize its potential and start if convinced trading in it.

@kathylienfx: She is described as a fundamental expert. If you are in need of a Twitter companion or have just started out why not follow her, do not deny yourself this golden chance.

If you know any successful and sassy female traders that should be added to the list, comment below J

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