For me, the best way to learn day trading was through videos and watching other successful day traders on YouTube videos – that’s why I put together this list of the best day trading YouTube channels.

Just like learning make-up or cooking techniques is easier on video than in pictures or words alone, day trading is the same. Although I’ve had my share of paid courses, books, and tools in general, I love Youtube. Many YouTube channels helped me become the day trader I am today.

We already love to watch shopping hauls, fashion tips, and celebrity vlogs on YouTube – why not to use this resourceful platform for profit as well?

That’s why I prepared this article for you, gals.

These are my top 10 favorite YouTube channels that discuss trading and day trading. They are super informative and, best of all, they are FREE. So, here we go on the best trading education channels on youtube…

Why is YouTube So Good To Learn Day Trading?

The best thing about watching on video is that you can see and hear an explanation of how someone is reading a chart, what they’re thinking and why. You get everything at once. Imagine someone explaining how to apply make-up but you couldn’t see. Then you saw pictures, but couldn’t hear the explanation. Sure, you’d get the rough idea, but the detailed nuances and timing would be hard to piece together.

And equally, pictures are static. You wouldn’t actually see the make-up application nuances and subtitles so you’d probably try on yourself and learn more in the process. Video short cuts this. Trading and learning through video is no different. It is also why courses are so powerful to learn trading as well.

So ladies, let’s jump into the best day trading videos on Youtube!

1. Investopedia

For me the best place to start, Investopedia is excellent for beginners in day trading. Their videos are not boring at all since they are short and many of them are super fun. Some playlists such as “Definitions” provide concepts of economic and financial terms, explain basic trading, and expand the beginner’s vocabulary. They have over 130,000 subscribers. A great place to start watching day trading videos online.

  1. Bulls on Wall Street

With over 60,000 subscribers, Bulls on Wall Street focuses on education. Their playlist named “Trading lessons” counts with over 300 videos teaching how to trade, and solving several regular trading doubts. If you’re lost about something related to day trading, just search on this playlist, and you’re probably going to find the day trading video you want on it.

3. Warrior Trading

From the basics to real-time day trading, Warrior Trading is a classic! Currently, they have more than 425,000 subscribers all around the world. For me, the best thing about this channel is that they post videos every day, and they are all about helping you and me to make a living by trading stocks.

Their real-time trading vids are fantastic for you to see how trading actually works. Easily one of the best day trading youtubers – and a great youtube channel to learn trading.

  1. Day Trading Academy

Aimed at helping its almost 50,000 subscribers, Day Trading Academy is considered one of the best day trading schools.

If you’re more interested in futures trading, this channel might be just perfect. It was founded by Marcello Arrambide, who provides live classes and trading.

  1. Investors Underground

This channel is all about positive trading experiences with others, offering lessons on many topics related to day trading and weekly stock watch lists. With more than 100,000 subscribers, Investors Underground is excellent for traders who love to stay up to date and know all trading trends.

If you’re feeling anxious and the psychology of trading is your focus nowadays, this lovely channel also provides a meditation playlist for day traders! One of the best day and intraday trading youtube channels.

  1. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is directed by Andrew Aziz and his team. Together, they give us valuable information – well researched, and well explained.

Aziz is the writer of New York’s bestseller “How to Day Trade for a Living”, and he shares his day trading ideas and real-life examples with the Bear Bull Trader’s Community.

This channel features many relevant interviews with successful companies and traders, and the community also shares their live trading events for all the other members. The channel has more than 16,000 subscribers. Easily one of the best YouTube channels to learn day trading.

7. Tradenet Day Trading Academy

Led by Meir Barak, the Tradenet Day Trading Academy is described as the “world’s leading day trading school,” currently with over 50,000 subscribers. Barak is a veteran stock trader with 17 years of experience, and he shares his trades in Tradenet’s Day Trading Room.

If you’re addicted to trading, you’ll love that it has new lives every day, where you can watch them day trade from anywhere! If you want to go further, they also teach strategies and provide a funded account for beginner and intermediate traders to learn day trading.

  1. DailyFX EDU

The DailyFX EDU is a division of the forex broker Forex Capital Markets (FXCM). Specialized in Forex, this channel is considered a day trading university.

They have almost 5,600 subscribers, featuring two amazing playlists about the basics of Forex trading: the Forex Trading Foundations Course for Beginners and the Forex Education Webinars / One of the best forex trading education channels on YouTube and channels to learn forex trading.

  1. TierOneTrading

Another channel for traders in the Forex market, TierOneTrading was co-founded by the trading coach Akil Stokes, voted in 2018 as the 3rd Most Helpful Trader on Twitter. His channel that currently counts with almost 50,000 subscribers was also voted in 2018 as the 19th Best Youtube Channel.

Besides offering day trading tips and tricks, he also discusses some more in-depth aspects of trading, such as the psychology of trading.

  1. Price Action & Income

Last but not least, Price Action & Income focuses mostly on longer-term forex trading but offers some essential tips when it comes to day trading as well.

The videos of basic trading strategies are a must-see, and the trading psychology gems are essential for beginners to advanced traders. It has 3,800 subscribers, and it’s growing fast!

Best trading education channel on youtube

So, these are the top 10 YouTube channels about day trading that I recommend.What day trading videos did you enjoy? What do you think are the best day trading youtube channels?

If you have any more day trading YouTube channels suggestions, please, share with us in the comment section below!



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