As little girls, we probably have never dreamed of becoming a stock trader. That probably happened because we never knew what stock trading was, or we were kept out of the financial world just because we were little girls.

The lack of incentive is not only one of the reasons why women don’t invest more, but it is also the fuel that can make us way better traders than men.

Now, if you are reading this article, your dream IS to become a stock trader.

Whether you wish to work for yourself as a stock trader or to work as a trader at a trading firm, there is a huge variation of how much you can earn as a stock trader salary.

Salary may not be the best word to define how much independent stock traders make – these are business owners, who work for themselves and not as brokers on a public trading firm.

How much does a stockbroker make?
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When we focus on the salary of those traders working at companies, we think of a regular salary. The traders will typically make the same amount of money every month, independent of their performance, on how many losses and gains.

The paycheck is the same – you are just a regular employee doing your job.

According to this website, in the US, in 2018, stockbrokers made from $46,235 to $71,322 on average. The average base pay for traders in the UK– London area – is currently £65,621 per year. The first fact points out that even with a consistent monthly payment, the value variation will almost double from the lowest to the highest. Why’s that?

If you think thoroughly, this happens in every profession. Stockbrokers are susceptible to different salaries according to their experience, firm, and clients. Those with less experience in the field working for smaller firms will naturally make less than the ones working for a big company like Morgan Stanley, with 20 years of experience.

How much is an independent stock trader salary?

How to buy stocks with a credit card or debit cardAs I’ve mentioned before,Independent stock traders are like business owners. They make money accordingly to how much they invest and work every day.

It’s a tough job, though, and requires a lot of knowledge, risk management, and guts to start.

However, all the work can pay off very quickly, primarily if you invest a lot of money and in a wise way.

If you want to know how much money you can start stock trading, check here.

You can start with a little while still working with your regular job, or make money as a mum online, or working from home.

However, to earn big, you’ll have to trade big. Your earning potential is directly proportional to your monthly expenses, trading knowledge, and starting capital.

Differently from those traders hired by companies, the independent stock trader salary has no limits. The potential is huge.

That is why you can’t ever calculate what an independent stock trader’s salary is. It depends on so many variables it can be from £0 to infinite. If you start out without even getting the basics, you can quickly lose money and be on the negative.

That’s it, ladies. These are the two possible ways stock traders can work and make money from.

It doesn’t matter which way you are pursuing; you’ll need to learn how to trade. This blog has many articles to help you on your journey!

If you need anything, just ask. And let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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