Linda is a very hardworking woman who has two kids and a part-time job. She wants to become a trader to have an extra income and, maybe, quit her job to work at home and be closer to her children.

However, she doesn’t know how to start learning about stocks and the stock market, which she thinks is the basics of trading.

The thing is, Linda is pretty sure she will not have enough time to learn stocks theory. She thinks it is something very complicated and distant from her reality and that she will never fit in.

Linda couldn’t be more wrong.

There are several reasons why women don’t invest more, but they are all related to a woman’s raising and education.

No one, man or woman, is born knowing how to trade. There is always a chance to learn and become a badass trader.

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If you’re like Linda, don’t worry. Be ready to learn about stocks!

What is the stock market?

The stock market is like the mall. It’s where you go to find and buy the stocks you want, but also to sell yours. If the number of traders looking to buy a specific stock goes up, the price of that stock will also rise.

This means that the stock market has trends, just like the fashion world. If a dress style or brand is in-demand right now, this means people will ask more money for it, while the other dresses that are out of trend will have more accessible prices.

A stock market is a place that may look chaotic at first, but with practice, you will be able to understand what everything means.

Currently, the stock market is available online. You will need to choose a broker that gives you access to the stock market, and in exchange, they will charge you fees such as commissions.

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What are stocks?

I know, I know. I’ve explained to you what the stock market is, but you have no clue what is the definition of “stock” in the trading world.

Stocks are also known as shares or equities. They are securities normally distributed by corporations in the stock market.

Many corporations need money from investors to grow in their industry. That’s why they divide their ownership into assets and stocks and sell them in the stock market for traders and investors.

Each corporation offers one or more types of stock in the market. You can choose to buy each individual stock and create your own portfolio, or you can also buy a bundle of shares through a mutual fund (also found in the stock market).

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When you buy a stock, you may be interested in keeping it for a very long time or for just a few weeks or days. Your objective is typically to buy the stock when it is low-priced and resell it later when it is trending.

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Trading or Investing?

In the stock market, you are able to choose between several stocks, as we have discussed. Among these stocks are the ones best for keeping and others best for selling.

Investing is like buying dozens of flared jeans in the 1970s and reselling them in 2020 for a fortune.

Trading is like checking the prices for leather jackets daily, and when you see a supplier selling them for $10 cheaper, you buy thousands to resell them three days later with a profit.

The keepers are your investments. Investing is buying a share of a company you believe in, and then becoming a shareholder. You are one of the owners of the company, and you can sell your share 20 to 30 years later. In the meantime, you will get a piece of the company’s profit.

Check my list with 5 high return passive investments.

Trading is for those who want to get their profits faster. We have many articles here in the blog that will clear your mind whether you should trade or invest.

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Tip: Do both. You can always make an investment for your future while getting some extra cash right now, right? The best thing about investing is that it’s stress-free!

Read more about how trading is different from investing, and check the articles below for more information about trading.

How much money you need to start trading

“OK, I can buy stocks and resell them later, but how much is the real initial investment?” you may be asking.

Well, it depends. With £100, you can start trading at a broker. If you’re a beginner, this money is enough until you understand all the basics.

If you want to become a day trader, for example, you’ll need much more money to start treating it like a business. I currently recommend at least £30,000.

A detailed article on how much money you need to start trading is here.

Top Articles On How The Stock Market Works:

How you can buy stocks

Getting money

The best way to get money from trading is by trading. However, you need money to trade. LOL.

There are several ways you can get a few pounds to start trading faster. But first, there are some money skills every woman must have before doing anything else. Check them here.

Mums can make money online by creating a blog and selling their products or craft, by working online as an affiliate, by freelancing and more.

They can also do things offline, such as consulting, writing a book, or babysitting. The possibilities are endless!

Check the articles below for more ways to get money to trade.

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Buying stocks

To buy stocks, you need to have an account in a broker.

They will be your connection to the stock market, giving you a list of all the “products” you can buy to resell later.

Some brokers offer lower commissions, others charge no trading fees and/or no non-trading fees. This keeps their industry competitive.

I have several broker’s reviews, and you can always check them when you feel ready to choose a broker.

Where to learn about stocks and the stock market?
stock market

How to learn stock trading is a question I often get.

Well, for this question, the answer is: it depends on your objectives, learning style, and available time!

There are several resources for traders out there. I have several reviews of trading books, courses, and tools in this article.

If you are looking for some quick information about how to learn day trading, you can always check the 10 best YouTube channels to learn day trading.

There are some extra tips on the best online courses to learn trading as well.

Conclusion How to Learn About Stocks And Stock Market

This basically is how to learn about stocks and the stock market. If you didn’t understand much of my explanation, check the courses and books on trading.

They have more details and more examples. Many people who write books about trading are either very successful traders or people who lost tons of money with trading – you must get advice from both.

If you’re worried, don’t be! Trading is simple but requires dedication.

We are women, and many pieces of research show that we make better traders than men, if we commit.

This is because we usually have a better understanding of risk management, one of the most essential skills for traders.

Did you learn anything new about stocks and the stock market?

If you have any doubts or anything to add, please, let us know!

Gurl power can make us the best traders!


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