Binarycent is a trading platform created by the Finance Group Corp, a business registered and licensed in Vanuatu. It was launched first in 2016, offering binary options, Forex, CFD trading, and many other instruments.

An option for the ladies who are interested in crypto trading, Binary cent is a trading platform available on both desktop and mobile. They offer an app on iOS and Android, and Binarycent investors have the chance to trade without having to download additional software.

This Binarycent review will hopefully shed some light on whether you should choose this broker as your trading BFF.


Funding your Binarycent account is very easy. You can choose between many ways such as credit cards (VISA and Mastercard), bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and even with binary options such as with Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins.

The only option with a transfer fee is the credit card option (5%), but this fee isn’t charged by Binarycent.

After the payment, the funds will be available immediately, up to confirmation from the payment system.

You can choose to open an account in several currencies, such as USD, EUR, RUB, and GBP. Cryptocurrency options are also available: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash.

The minimum deposit amount is 250$ (or €), and the maximum 50000$ (or €)

I see those numbers as a negative point, especially for those ladies who have a hard time trusting their money with brokers. This is one of the main reasons why we are better traders than men: we are less likely to fall for scams than they are.

Although the minimum deposit is $250, you don’t have to trade with this money. You can start trading with $10!

Account types

Binarycent platform offers three account types for new traders:




  • 24/7 live video chat support

  • Withdrawals in 1 hour

  • Bonus +20%

  • Demo account

  • Copy Trading tool

  • 24/7 live video chat support

  • Withdrawals in 1 hour

  • Bonus +50%

  • Demo account

  • Copy Trading tool

  • Master class (web session)

  • First 3 risk-free trades

  • 24/7 live video chat support

  • Withdrawals in 1 hour

  • Bonus +100%

  • Demo account

  • Copy Trading tool

  • Master class (web session)

  • First 3 risk-free trades

  • Personal success manager

The “bonus +x%” refers to a sign-up welcoming bonus for new clients, which, depending on the account type, you can get it up to 100%.

For example, let’s say you start a bronze account with $250 – you’ll have $300 in total to trade.

If you start a silver account with $1,000, you’ll have $1,500 to trade.

If you start a gold account with $3,000, you’ll have $6,000 to trade in total!

The 3 risk-free trades offered to the silver and gold accounts are compensation of negative trading results in the form of funds with bonus money.

If you take a bonus though, there is a turnover requirement of 20x the bonus plus a time limit. You’ll need to reach at least 3x account turnover in the first 3 months, or else the bonus will be withdrawn along with any profits derived from it.

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Mobile trading

The Binarycent’s website features a mobile version, and they also offer a trading app that works in both Android and iOS.

If you’re with your phone at all times (aren’t we all?), you’ll find it extremely easy to use Binarycent and its features anywhere you go.

Also, if you’re reading this from your phone, know that you can actually create your account and complete your account verification right now, just by clicking on this link.

Keep in mind that the app is only an optimised version of the website for the smaller screens. It still fulfils the same essential functions, and you won’t notice much difference.


The withdrawal options are almost the same as the funding options: credit cards, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, but, no matter what amount you choose to withdraw, you’ll need to verify your identity with some documents.

After the verification of identity, Binarycent will process all withdrawal requests within an hour.

Copy Trading

Although their copy trading features are not as good as eToro’s, Binarycent offers you the possibility to copy the activity of successful people all around the world.

It’s like with your favourite celebrity. I’m sure that you’ve been inspired by her when you were looking for ideas on what to do with your hair, nails, or even when buying clothes.

With Binarycent’s copy trading tool, you can choose traders to copy according to their win rate and adjust the trade size from 1x to 100x the original one!

Assets and Instruments

Binarycent offers several classes of assets and instruments:

  • 14 different Cryptocurrencies

  • Commodities

  • Forex

  • Market Indices

  • Stocks

  • CFDs

Trading options

The trading types in the Binarycent platform are divided according to their expiration period.

We’ve already talked about scalping, day trading, and swing trading. We know that the difference between them is the timeframe in which the trade occurs. Scalping happens in a matter of minutes, day trading in a day or two, and swing trading in a few days or weeks.

With Binarycent it’s the same deal.

Turbo Options

In Binarycent, you can make transactions that will end in as low as 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Although I only recommend scalping for experienced traders, the turbo options at Binarycent may be great for beginners who are willing to risk cents in trades for the sake of learning.

However, if you’re just starting out, the rule is to study before spending, ok?

Intraday Options

The day trading options are always more suited for experienced traders – and they are usually the ones who use the intraday options the most.

This trading type can consist of several trades within the same day, and traders must have many of these traits to be well-succeeded when day trading in Binarycent’s platform.

Long term Options

Binarycent offers options with expiration dates that go up until 5 weeks.

Their swing trading options might be the best ones for people who lack patience but want to develop this trait ASAP.

The long term options are great for those who don’t have the time to trade every day, and for beginners who are willing to risk less at first.

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Customer Support

Binarycent offers the regular phone and email support, and also a live chat. All services are available 24/7, and the phone numbers are available in many languages, including Chinese, Russian, and English.

Binarycent contact details are:

Email – [email protected]

Address – Finance Group Corp, 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu

Phone – Check here

Additional points

Some extra advantages in trading with Binarycent not mentioned in the previous topics are:

  • Traders can trade anytime, including over weekends.

  • The trading is 100% secured with full data protection.

  • Possibility to trade under experienced trader guidance.


Hope you enjoyed reading the Binarycent review!

Binarycent accepts traders from the following countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and many other countries.

It is a great trading platform with several options of assets and instruments to choose from. If you were searching for a place to trade Crypto, consider Binarycent as an alternative due to the full range of available cryptocurrencies.

If you have any experience trading with Binarycent, let us know in the comment section below!

See you later for more trading platform reviews! For now, check:


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