As a woman wanting to get into trading, everywhere I looked was very male-driven; articles online, videos, courses and books.

I wanted to learn the basics of trading but everything was written in a jargon that I did not understand. It was like another language written for a different type of person.

So I would have to Google a lot of words, read about 5 more articles all just trying to gain a basic understanding of what they were talking about.

I found very quickly, that starting out was frustrating.

Everything seemed to be so inaccessible.

And was soooo boring.

I wanted to learn the basics of trading but everything was written in a jargon that I did not understand, so I would have to Google a lot of IT.

While I cannot pretend that all things are not technical, because some are! That doesn’t have to mean it has to be boring and complex. Remember when you were in school and had that one subject you hated because it was “boring?” And then you had a different teacher for the same subject and suddenly it was more interesting?

The difference between the two isn’t the subject, but the way the teacher taught it to you. The second taught it to you in a way that you found more interesting and easier for you to learn.

From step-by-step trading basics for beginners to more detailed strategies and analysis for experienced traders, my main goal in trading at DumbBitchTrades is to teach you what you need to know in a sassy and simple way and help women become more interested and successful in trading.

Stock trading is still a very male dominated industry. However, the facts are that women are actually more successful traders than men. This is because we have no ego involved and can take advice whilst learning from our mistakes! Women also learn to control their emotions and demonstrate better self-control while acting rationally and making rational decisions.

One of the best perks of trading is it has a lot of flexibility. You can commit to one hour a day or opt to work full-time. The freedom of time is yours!

When I gave birth, i wanted to find something I could work from home on but also didn’t take up too much time so I could concentrate on my son! I searched through various adverts that would always direct me to spammy websites. It was the same routine every time. I would spend an hour filling out questionnaire’s that would only pay a few pounds or look for the latest fad: drop-shipping, affiliates, gigs. The amount of effort I was putting in, was not worth the tiny amount I was making.

I admit it, I wanted it all! I wanted a, exciting job that allowed me to work from home during the few hours a day

I chose and that would earn me the same amount in a day that I used to earn in a month.

Did I mention it also had to bring a great significance with it? I wanted to feel valued, like I was contributing to my family, something people can be proud of.

Well, trading offered that and more!

That is the trading part of the story, but why the dumb bitch?

Well, in all of my previous work environments I was always the fun and sassy one. I was never seen as the clever one, so my opinions were always disregarded because I was young and blonde. I was always judged on my looks and nothing more. That’s the ‘dumb’ part. The ‘bitch’ part…

I’m sure you can relate to these on some level as well!

DumbBitchTrades hopes to inspire all women to go after and build the life they desire.

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